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Fix external display picture quality issue on Mac OS X

Recently I bought an external display the LG 24MP88HV-S, hoping that it would be a good companion for my macbook pro. But to my surprise the font rendering and the contrast was horrible. It was like I needed a pair of corrective lens. After digging a couple of hours on the internet for I seemed to have identified what was going wrong.


The display port uses YCbCr colors instead of RGB to drive the display, which limits the range of colors and apparently causes the display to apply some undesired post processing.


Manually override the the Display Profile to use RGB mode.

  1. Boot the mac into recovery mode (hold down ⌘ + R when the computer is booting)
  2. Open the Terminal window by going to Utilities -> Terminal
  3. Disable the System Integrity Protection.

    It is a security technology to prevent modifying protected files (read more). Run csrutil disable; reboot and press Enter

  4. Let the mac boot normally (not in recovery mode)
  5. Navigate to display overrides

    For OS X Catalina / Mojave / High Sierra run:

    cd /System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides

    For OS X Sierra and older run:

    cd /System/Library/Displays/Overrides
  6. Place the patch file in the overrides directory

    To directly download patch-edid.rb run:

    sudo curl -O

    Alternately you create a file called patch-edid.rb. And copy the following code.

    require 'base64'
    data=`ioreg -l -w0 -d0 -r -c AppleDisplay`
    puts "found display: vendorid #{vendorid}, productid #{productid}, EDID:\n#{edid_hex}"
    puts "Setting color support to RGB 4:4:4 only"
    bytes[24] &= ~(0b11000)
    puts "Number of extension blocks: #{bytes[126]}"
    puts "removing extension block"
    bytes = bytes[0..127]
    bytes[126] = 0
    bytes[127] = (0x100-(bytes[0..126].reduce(:+) % 256)) % 256
    puts "Recalculated checksum: 0x%x" % bytes[127]
    puts "new EDID:\n#{{|b|"%02X"%b}.join}"
    Dir.mkdir("DisplayVendorID-%x" % vendorid) rescue nil
    f ="DisplayVendorID-%x/DisplayProductID-%x" % [vendorid, productid], 'w')
    f.write '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">'
    f.write "
     <string>Display with forced RGB mode (EDID override)</string>
  7. Execute the script

    sudo ruby patch-edid.rb
  8. Disconnect and reconnet the monitor.
  9. Dont forget to re-enable System Integrity Protection.

    Reboot into Recovery Mode, by holding ⌘ + R when the mac is booting.

    Open the Terminal window by going to Utilities -> Terminal

    run csrutil enable; reboot and press Enter

  10. Let the mac boot up normally. Done !

The display should look much better now.

Final thoughts

This hack might not be for everyone. If you dont mind spending a couple of hundred dollars more, you can get a much nicer display recommended by Apple and avoid this hassle.